Hello there! I was born in the Los Angeles area and, also, grew up in the Land of Enchantment in Albuquerque. I, also, write under the pen name Belinda Austin for Mystery and Suspense novel. Austin was my mother's maiden name. I, also, write Science Fiction under the pen name B. Austin.

I confess to always being a nerd. I have a degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of New Mexico (click here to learn more). I worked as a Software Engineer and Web Developer for many years. The only tech work I do now is my own website, along with any graphics for my books. I mixed my extensive knowledge of technology with my novelist skills to write a fantastical book entitled Alicia's Misadventures in Computer Land. Anyone who loves fairy tales, Alice in Wonderland, or just wants a good laugh will enjoy this book.

I have a strong Native American influence from my youth. This old Native American with skin like leather, used to visit my dad and they'd sit around the table, smoke and drink. He wore a bandana around his iron-grey hair, with a braid falling to the middle of his back. He wore whiskey-stained khakis, a colorful Native American shirt and high-top tennis shoes. My dad would sputter words of drunken wisdom and the old man would grunt. He'd then wobble drunkenly to the end of our street where he worked as a live-in summer gardner for my aunt. He perspired in a one-room shed with a cot for a bed. He is the inspiration for my novel Return of the Bones.

As a child, I was fascinated by witches. My family often spoke of the supernatural and believed in witchcraft. My fictional books reach beyond regional geography to entice anyone who enjoys the world of mysticism, the power of magic and sorcery, but with spice. My grandmother used to cut my brother's hair, and then burn the cuttings so no witch or warlock could harm him by using any physical part of him to cast a spell or make an effigy. I have written two magical series, Land of Enchantment Witch Series and CALIFORNIA WITCHES . (Link to my books)

I confess to being a perfectionist and do a lot of research to add as much realism as possible to my paranormal books or any other supernatural novels I write. I like to add magic, even to my historical fiction

In case you think I might look familiar, I've, also,lived in El Paso, Austin, Fort Worth, Phoenix, Denver and the Tampa area.

From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank you for your interest in my books!

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