Southwestern Magic

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The magic in my Land of Enchantment series is Southwestern magic. The Spanish Inquisition actually hunted witches in New Mexico for centuries. I did a lot of research for my books. There are court records in Santa Fe where witnesses claimed to have seen witches practicing the magic listed below.

Some witches flash into fireballs and soar across the sky, appearing like shooting stars. Down through the centuries these illuminations have been called witch lights. In my series, The Land of Enchantment, a few of the witches travel in this fashion.

If a Southwestern witch is lucky, he or she might own a rare, shape-shifting stone called a piedra imán, which means “magnetic stone.” The magic rock has been known to exist since Roman times. In my trilogy, the piedra imán is like a bone between the characters. The 130 year-old La India, Salia’s grandmother, uses the rock to shape-shift into an 19 year-old and thereby, achieve immortality. Felicita, Salia’s mother, lusts after the stone to become more powerful. Marcelina would shape-shift into a beautiful woman who can remain thin, no matter how much she eats. Salia wants the stone so she can become an opera singer. She’s not after fame. Salia wishes to be someone else. Salia’s half-brother, Jefe, also wants their grandmother’s piedra imán to gain more power.

I, personally, would opt for immortality but only if I could stay young. I once heard that Merlin regretted asking for immortality because he forgot to ask to stay young. So at 200 years of age, he felt 200 years old and looked 200 years old. Yuck! Now I wouldn’t want to remain like a 19 year old teenager. I would want to stay 32 years old.

Southwestern witches can, also, turn into were-beasts by using magic powders and spells.

This one creeps me out most of all. Some Southwestern witches gain night vision by borrowing the eyes of a cat. A witness recorded that he went to a witch’s home and her cat was walking around without any eyes. I knew a couple whose cat was completely blind. I would never had known unless they told me. The cat got around in the house like a seeing cat. The secret was that the whiskers was the width of the cat’s body. The cat used its whiskers to feel its way around the house and not bump into things.

There’s a magic, invisible bone cats have that can give a witch the characteristics of a cat. Cats truly are amazing. I once had a loving cat named Whiskey whose kidneys went back to normal after kidney damage. The cat was later jaundiced and nearly died from liver disease (no, that’s not why his name was whiskey. He was the color of whiskey). Anyway, Whiskey’s liver, also, rejuvenated and became a healthy liver. So, I wouldn’t mind getting hold of that invisible, magical cat bone. Then I could drink all the wine I want and not have to worry about…Oops. Never mind. And no, that’s not why I named my cat Whiskey. I confess that I am not a lush though I do enjoy a social drink or a glass of wine to relax. Hey, red grapes are healthy for you and supposedly part of the fountain of youth, along with a piedra imán.

There’s, also, Native American witchcraft in my books and a shaman.


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