People often ask, "Adeline, where you from? I want to be best friend and have beer with you."
I say, "Adeline citizen of world and win Academy Award for humanitarian. But I be best friend and let you..."

Buy Dear Adeline a beer!

Help Adeline stay drunk enough to write blog, for out of the mouths of vomit, but Adeline just like sometime beer with friend. Is no wino. Trust me. And need to bribe Word Press Police Commissioner, and Google F.B.I (Federal Bureau of Intoxication). And pay cost of hosting service that threaten to shut off power of Adeline all the time. Then what she do? Write in black hole of cyberspace?
If no change mind, click on magical beer below.

glass size
Adeline mostly thank you!

CLICK GLASS TO BUY BEER FOR ADELINE! Glass of beer use safe, secure spells.

If no want buy beer or already treat no long ago, that okay.

Adeline still like you & please come back for fantastical advice!

99 bottle of beer at the mall!

99 bottle of beer and I fall!

99 bottle of beer and I crawl!

99 bottle of beer gimme balls!


(Is why I win Humanitarian Award. Do public service every Happy Hour!)

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