"Historical paranormal books" about love, friendship, betrayal, and toxic family ties. In my "supernatural fiction", the famous Crier, "La Llorona" is head of the "Sisterhood of the Black Rose", which is a set of 13 covens. The true legendary witch, La Llorona, is known as the "Weeping Ghost". She haunts the rivers, lakes, and oceans, searching for her drowned children! The mythical La Llorona is centuries old, known to tens of millions of people in the Americas. She is, also, known as "the Crier".

"Land of Enchantment" is a series of mainstream "novels about witches", a dark soap opera filled with magic. The witches fight for power, struggle with love, cope with jealousy, and waffle between good and evil. The series takes place during the Roaring 20's, Great Depression, and the dawn of World War II. The setting is Madrid, New Mexico; Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

A "shape shifting rock" acts as a fountain of youth, allowing the protector to remain young, while other witches around her age. The distinct "witch series" casts a spell with the little known world of "Southwestern witchcraft". Some of the magic in the books has actually been practiced by witches, powers passed down for centuries.

The first book entitled THE WITCH NARRATIVES REINCARNATION and the second book, GHOSTS OF THE BLACK ROSE, are available for sale. The third book will be coming out this fall.

written by "Belinda Vasquez" Garcia, fiction-witches author

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