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PLEASE READ THE NOTE BELOW FOR CHANGES TO THE eboks! (Paperback is the same)

As of December, 2014, for the ebooks I have (1) renamed the series, (2) split the 1st book into 2 entitled Witches of the Black Rose and Reincarnation of the Black Rose. (3) made new covers for all of the ebooks. The first book was such a big book, which is why I split the ebook so that all the ebooks would be about the same size. And the first ebook is now just about Salia and Marcelina when they are children so the ebook makes a good prequel for the ebook series.

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"WHEN A NOVEL CAPTURES YOU—when you are entranced enough to stay up late reading and then dream your way into the story after you fall asleep—it’s usually due to that mysterious writer’s alchemy of plot, pacing, prose, and character. You can’t stop wondering what’s going to happen next, so you can’t stop turning the pages. Some writers have the ability to make every character, even the most minor background player, come alive, adding a visceral level to the reading experience. In The Witch Narratives Reincarnation, Belinda Vasquez Garcia breathes life into the people of Madrid, New Mexico, in the 1920s and ‘30s, in the days before the mine shut down, when members of the Penitente brotherhood held sway over public opinion and policy and witches were a dark force to be feared by even the most devout Catholic.”—Santa Fe New Mexican Pasa Tiempo Magazine 7/27th issue - read the full review here (spoiler alert!)

"Reincarnation brings history and magic to life."—Albuquerque The Magazine August issue - read the 3-page feature here

"Garcia fascinates readers with her literary magic."—Las Cruces Bulletin - read the full article here

“A fabulous story packed with detail that feels both fresh and authentic."--Kirkus Reviews - read the full article here (spoiler alert!)

"Family deaths, romance, and conflict come to a head in this first book of a powerful trilogy that holds all the elements of gripping supernatural fiction at its finest."--California Bookwatch June 2012 issue

"The Witch Narratives Reincarnation" is a strong addition to fiction collections with religious tones."-- Reviewer's Bookwatch Sept 2012 issue (scroll down)

Chosen by ABQ Arts and Entertainment for their Selected Summer Reading For Lovers of New Mexico list (scroll down).

Mentioned in the Alibi Newspaper as having one of the best first lines of a book.

Read the Press Release (spoiler alert!)

COMING SOON a new series - California Witches

Book 1: BOOKS INTO MOVIES AWARDS Winner 2013 (First Place)


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